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Quick Fall-Season-So-Far reviews

-ABC’s Forever is awesome and solid and if you enjoy Castle pick it up immediately. Ioan Gruffud has inexplicably gotten hotter with age and there’s something light and joyful about the show I wasn’t expecting - and lots of humor and warmth and chemistry between he and lead actress.

-ABC’s Selfie is annoying for the first half of its pilot and then charming. You couldn’t pay me to not watch this show after that final scene in the rain with Karen Gillan and John Cho. I reviewed it here. Not great and I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to a guy but adorbs. Any fans of Mindy Project need to pick it up.

-CBS’ Scorpion is sweet and kind of like Leverage’s slightly awkward younger sister, but the best part is the ‘man befriends and is kind to single mom and her son’ which I’m a sucker for. Not must-watch television but light and entertaining.

-CBS’ Stalker is as bad as I thought it was going to be - see this review for everything I thought said better

-CBS’ Madam Secretary (why have I only watched CBS shows so far??) is surprisingly really good, sort of like a cross between 24 and Scandal, only without the bullets. Seriously. Badass performances, solid plot, and really hot Tim Daly husband.

What have you seen? What did you love/hate? What else should I check out?

3 Caffeinated Links

1. Taken 3 Trailer.

2. Yvette Nicole-Brown leaves Community (since she’s my least favorite character after Pierce, I don’t mind)

3. Cinemablend gave Gone Girl a blazingly good review. “Gone Girl is a symphony. It’s presided over by a meticulous conductor in David Fincher, an eccentric inventor of moody, suspenseful masterpieces.”

there is a design, an alignment, a cry
of my heart to see
the beauty of love as it was made to be

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TAKEN 3 (Tak3n) trailer. 

Unabashed remake of The Fugitive. 

Still badass. Still gonna watch it. 

The truth is I love you.

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New video! It’s a Watch Projects one fyi. 


I used to be really embarrassed when my parents would mess up their English but as I got older I realized my parents know Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, AND English.

They’re way smarter than I am. So I started to chill.

Somebody start talking about how immigrants are dumb because they can’t speak English properly. I’d fucking like to see you try and even remember four different languages, you elitist and racist fuckbaby.

7x01 “Driven”